Wide 3D Printed Picture (Lithophane)


This is our 16:9 image specific picture, it is a great gift idea and is something that will be hard to beat. When turned on the image is revealed!

Please upload your photo below or email them to hello@behrenspeed3d.com and quote your order number.

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This picture frame and picture is entirely 3D printed and has LED’s contained inside that has a 3XAA battery pack on the back.

When the LED’s are turned on the picture is illuminated, and works great in both well lit and dark areas.

The standard picture size is 266x150mm. If you would like a different size please request a quote through our website specifying how large you would like it.

We can change frame colours if requested in the order notes.

Additional information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 280 × 50 × 180 mm